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At the law offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we understand how upsetting pursuing a divorce or being involved in another family law matter, such as a domestic violence case, can be. We never downplay the seriousness of family law cases, and bring small town values to every case we manage. Attorney Tad Nelson has more than 25 years’ worth of experience working in the law, and knows how to serve his clients well.

The values of honesty, compassion, hard work, and integrity guide our approach to our clients’ cases, and we create customized, strategic solutions that work for you. If you are getting a divorce or need representation in a domestic violence case, our law firm will be here to represent you.


Getting in Touch with Our Galveston Divorce Attorney Is Easy

If you have a legal question about divorce or domestic violence, we want to make getting in touch with us and getting the answers you need as easy as possible. To contact us, you can call our law firm directly, or send us a message using our online form.

Once you schedule your initial consultation, we’ll let you know everything you should bring to the consultation to ensure you are prepared. We know that discussing personal matters like divorce with a stranger isn’t always easy, which is why we want to assure you that we keep your information 100 percent confidential. Those in our office take a professional approach that is aimed at reducing stress and making you feel as comfortable as possible.

When you meet with us, we will guide you through the basics of your case, review your case, and provide you with our professional opinion regarding what the smartest move is for you to make next.

Contact us today to get help with your divorce or family law case.


Our Team is Knowledgeable and Experienced

Everyone who works in the office of Tad Nelson & Associates is a highly experienced, certified attorney who knows what you deserve when it comes to competent legal representation. Together, our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience, making them a formidable team and a group of legal professionals you can trust.


We Are Ready to Help You

When you are comparing other law firms in the Galveston area when you need legal representation for a divorce or domestic violence case, we are the best choice for you. With experience, a strong commitment to our clients, and a track record of success, working with another law firm just doesn’t make sense.

If you are ready to start the process of working with an attorney and learning more about filing for divorce or what happens during a domestic violence case, our team is here for you. For your initial consultation, call our talented Galveston divorce attorneys, or send us your contact information using our online form.

Contact us today to get help with your divorce or family law case.


Client Testimonials

“Tad Nelson is completely in his element when it comes to practicing law. He is able to approach a case logically and realistically. While Tad will never give false hope he will always offer positive and tangible results.”

- Jason

“Most amazing and educated lawyer I have ever seen. I can't think him and his team enough for all the hard work and professional conduct.”

- Darryl

“He is sincere, dedicated, experienced, and incredibly smart. He is a man of conviction who believes in the justice system and its due processes. He will negotiate like no other to get the best possible outcome.”

- Robin