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In a typical Texas divorce case, several months may pass between filing for dissolution of marriage and entry of a final divorce decree; contested matters may even take years. During this interim period, a court will enter temporary orders related to child custody and support, alimony, real and personal property, and other issues. These orders will govern your life throughout the divorce process and may impact the final judgment.

You will have the opportunity to present your side of the matter at a hearing on temporary orders, so it is critical to retain an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you. During this important stage of a divorce case, you can trust the family law attorneys at Tad Nelson & Associates. We serve clients in Galveston County, the Houston/Harris County area and in the surrounding counties of Texas. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting your legal and financial interests, as well as your rights to a healthy relationship with your children.

Overview of Temporary Orders for Custody and Support

Under Texas law, parties in a divorce case or the court can request the judge to enter a temporary order safeguarding assets, which may include provisions regarding:

  • Who may reside in the marital home;
  • Possession of vehicles and other assets;
  • Residence and visitation for children;
  • Temporary child support;
  • Temporary spousal support, if applicable;
  • Payment of mortgages, utilities, and bills; and,
  • Other relevant matters while your divorce is pending

In divorce cases where there is a history of domestic violence or threat of future abuse, a temporary order may also include provisions for the personal protection of either party. A judge may instruct one party not to communicate or come into contact with the other person, or engage in other conduct meant to annoy or alarm.

The hearing on temporary orders is typically held within one to three weeks after divorce papers are filed; it may even be conducted without notice to an adverse party where necessary for personal protection and preservation of property.

Decisions on Temporary Orders

A divorce court will usually adhere to the status quo in determining certain issues contained in a temporary order, with the intent to minimize disruption as much as possible. The parent who has been a minor child’s primary caregiver will usually get custody, subject to the visitation rights of the other parent. Still, you do have the right to your day in court to offer input on parenting time and decision making. You are also allowed to request financial support for your children, and for yourself where appropriate.

Discuss Temporary Orders with a Texas Divorce Attorney

Considering the importance of temporary orders and related court hearings, you cannot put your rights at risk by attempting to represent yourself in connection with these proceedings. Not only will a temporary decree impact your life during the divorce process, but it may also have implications on the final judgment. For more information on temporary orders and how they work in your case, please contact the Galveston, TX office of Tad Nelson & Associates at 281-843-9776 or check out our website. We are happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation.

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