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Many people picture divorce as a drawn-out, stressful, costly process that involves bitter courtroom battles over property and alimony. The fact is that Texas law does provide alternatives to litigious court hearings, and an increasing number of divorcing couples are finding success through mediation and collaborative law.

The attorneys at Tad Nelson & Associates appreciate that you want to know all of your options when faced with divorce, especially when there are certain proceedings that offer significant advantages over court. Our legal team has experience representing clients in Houston, Galveston County and throughout Texas, so we can help you fully understand collaborative divorce and mediation. If either of these processes is a good fit for you, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Understanding Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Texas law allows parties to work out their disagreements through collaborative divorce and mediation, which are both legal approaches to divorce that offer alternatives to going to court to resolve disputes. Where spouses are able to set aside bitterness or hostility, it’s possible to have an honest discussion that facilitates agreement on issues related to property division, spousal support, and issues related to children.

These two strategies aren’t a fit for all divorcing couples, however, so it may be useful to provide you with answers to some common questions.

  • What’s the difference between mediation and collaborative divorce? While similar, each of these approaches is distinct. In mediation, spouses retain the services of a certified, neutral mediator who sits down with them to guide conversations toward agreement on divorce-related issues.

In collaborative divorce, each spouse hires their own attorney to represent them and promote their individual interests. These legal professionals are trained in the collaborative divorce process, encouraging spouses to develop agreements that meet the goals that are most important to them.

  • What are the advantages? Collaboration and mediation can reduce the stress and anxiety that entire families may experience when going through a hotly contested divorce. In addition:
    • Parties essentially create their own customized divorce, rather than having a decree forced upon them by Texas law;
    • The costs are often lower as compared to multiple hearings on disputes; and,
    • A collaborative divorce or mediation may allow parties to have an amicable relationship after the process is complete.

Consult with an Experienced Attorney About Your Circumstances

The lawyers at Tad Nelson & Associates handle all types of divorce matters, and we can help you decide whether alternative dispute resolution is right for you. Mediation and collaborative divorce offer a number of advantages over litigation, but they are distinct proceedings. If you’d like to hear more about these options and how they apply to your unique situation, please contact our Galveston, TX office at 281-843-9776 or visit us online. We can answer your questions or schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your situation. Our attorneys are available during regular office hours, but we can also be flexible for evenings, weekend, or off-site appointments.

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