Texas High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Experience and Compassion in Galveston, TX High Net Worth Divorce Cases

In a marriage where you and your spouse have accumulated considerable real and personal property, it’s critical to protect your interests in a divorce case. As the marital estate’s value increases, so does the potential for disputes between the parties. You put your rights at risk unless you have a skilled legal professional to help you navigate the process.

At Tad Nelson & Associates, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients going through high net worth divorce in Houston, Galveston County and throughout Texas. We have the in-depth knowledge of state law, as well as the resources to ensure protection of your rights during the divorce process. Our legal team also possesses the compassion to support you in safeguarding important personal relationships.

The High Net Worth Divorce Process Under Texas Law

There are a number of factors that make a high net worth divorce complicated, including the value and complex nature of ownership on certain assets. In general, Texas divorce law requires a fair and just division of property acquired during the marriage, encouraging spouses to agree on distribution of assets where possible.

However, an accord may be difficult considering the value of the marital estate. Even where you can agree with your spouse on property division, mistakes are common unless you have a skilled attorney to assist. If you’re forced to go to court for a determination on distribution of marital assets, it’s even more critical to have a lawyer representing your interests.

At Tad Nelson & Associates, our high asset divorce team can:

  • Protect and retain such assets as inheritance grants, 401(k) accounts, pensions and retirement benefits;
  • Negotiate and draft agreements on property division;
  • Complete all documents necessary to transfer ownership of assets where you agree with your spouse on distribution;
  • Protect assets during the mediation or litigation process;
  • Discover hidden property that your spouse may conceal to avoid having it considered in asset distribution or alimony matters;
  • Fight for your rights in court hearings on asset division; and,
  • Assist with all other areas of high net worth divorce.

Experienced attorney Tad Nelson has handled many high asset divorce cases for clients, with a focus on explaining the details of the process. Our legal team knows that you’re in the best position to make responsible decisions about your future when you fully understand your options.  We support you in identifying realistic goals in your divorce case, so you have strong legal advocates at your side from beginning to end.

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Our attorneys at Tad Nelson & Associates are here to serve your needs in a high net worth divorce in Texas. We’re at your side in settlement negotiations if it’s possible to come to an agreement on property division with your spouse, but we’ll fight for your rights in court if necessary. Please contact us today at 281-843-9776 or online to schedule a consultation. Our lawyers are available during office hours at our Galveston, TX location, but we can also set up evening, weekend, or off-site appointments.